Lost Circus a game by AIE Students

Lost Circus is a child-friendly, stealth-horror game where you outwit unkillable monsters with the help of friendly toys. The monsters in Lost Circus cannot be hurt, they can only be avoided, distracted, or delayed. Along the way, the player can find friendly toys that aid the player in their journey and can be abandoned to lure all nearby monsters to their location. The goal is to escape this abandoned circus, save for angry monsters and stray toys, after saving your friend who has been spirited away into the depths of the circus big top.

Lost Circus was developed by Team Quail on the campus of AIE Seattle as the major project for a group of 2021 graduates in the second year of their Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Development and Associates of Occupational Studies. The game was developed over a 6-month period by a team of 11 using the Unreal Engine.

Lost Circus was a project for which nailing the right tone was crucial. The team wanted the game to be creepy but in a way that was suitable for all ages. In the end, they were able to establish a great balance between “cute”, “sinister”, “colorful” and “Dark”, a feat that is not easy, even in professional studios” said Aaron Roxby, Game Design & Production Instructor.

The members of the team include:

  • Catherine Levine – Producer
  • Meliene Lin-Plebuch – UI/UX Designer, Audio Designer
  • Tristin Newby – Generalist, AI Programmer
  • Lucas Burdick – Environmental Artist
  • Kevin Bryan – Systems Designer, VFX Artist
  • Jack Plano – Level Designer
  • Bel Bradberry - Systems Programmer
  • Milo Moore – Art Lead, Character Artist, UI Artist
  • Russ Carter – Character Artist, Animator
  • Omar Velazquez – Environment Artist
  • Jessica Prendergast – VFX Artist

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