Domestic Fees

Programs commencing in the Fall Semester (August)

Please note:

  • There is a $100 enrollment fee which applies toward tuition.
  • Students are expected to supply their own transportation to and from the course.
  • Students are not required to purchase any software, however if a student wishes to pursue completion of assignments at home they will be required to supply software as appropriate for the completion of course content.

Payment Plans

AIE appreciates that for many students payment of fees in full prior to the commencement of study can be difficult. For this reason, students may be offered the option of paying fees via a payment plan, which allows for students to pay their fees via installments. Please contact Seattle Campus for more information about Payment Plans.


AIE offers scholarships to students. For more information, visit the Scholarships page.

Financial Aid

Students studying at AIE may be eligible for Financial Aid. Please visit the Financial Aid page or call the campus for more information.

International Fees

Programs commencing in the Fall Semester (August)

Please Note:

International students do not qualify for payment plans and financial aid