Battle your way to the top through this award-winning 3D deck-building game by AIE Students

Discarded is a 3D, deck-building game about toys that rip parts off of other toys for themselves.  Set in an abandoned home long after humans have perished, you’ll fight off numerous foes, each more monstrous and lonelier than the last.  The world is a harsh one, but only you have the power to fight to the top and confront the ruler of this land: The Manic Qing!    

Discarded was developed by Team Walrus on the campus of AIE Seattle as the major project for a group of 2021 graduates in the second year of their Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Development. The game was developed over a 6-month period by a team of 11 using the Unreal Engine.

There was a lot of thought and care put into DISCARDED. The team worked as a UNIT keeping in clear communication about their scope. They listened not only to Faculty and Industry Professionals, but they listened to each other. Isolating their problems, they were willing to pivot to design and develop a well-polished product,” said Nate GeschwillGame Design & Production Instructor.

"Our #1 goal from the beginning was to ensure that everyone on the team felt a sense of ownership with this game.  Not only did it foster a mutual passion for DISCARDED, but it also helped achieve a mutual respect amongst our team members as well.  It wasn’t always perfect, not everyone saw eye-to-eye on every nuance, but we were always willing to listen to each other; to hear one another out.  It truly provided the best environment for our production, said Jake S., Producer. 

The members of the team include: 

  • Tyler Baldwin – Systems Designer, VFX/SFC Lead, Product Owner 
  • Boaz Havron – Systems Designer, QA Lead, Card Design Lead 
  • Jake Shillan – Producer, Narrative Designer, Cinematic Camera Artist 
  • Devon Gregory – AI Lead, Deck Design & SFX Implementation  
  • Edward Nichols – Gameplay Programmer 
  • Jay Pickett-Garcia – UI & Tools Designer, Programming Producer 
  • Cory Collins – Character Sculpting, Modeler, Texture Artist 
  • Melanie Templin – Character Animator, Rigger, Tone Lead 
  • Juan Reyes-Cisneros – Prop Artist, Environment Artist, Texture Artist, UI Artist 
  • Cody Stamm – Environment Artist, Music Composer 
  • Mariah Young – Lead UI Artist 

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