Top Reasons Why Playing Games Can Be Good For You

In case you didn’t know, nearly everyone at AIE plays video games for fun or research on any given day. With that said, most parents or people unfamiliar with the gaming industry will shun such activities since they are unaware of the possible benefits of gaming on a regular basis…playing a video game is a fun way to give your brain a workout!

Playing video games might get you that raise at work you’ve been wanting.
In the myriad of video games available out in the market, there are those which reward and encourage leadership traits. Unsurprisingly, those traits can be displayed in real-world career settings, leading to better workflow and improved performance. Improvisation in games can also lead to quick thinking and being fast at solving problems at work…or make it easier to come up with an excuse why you were late for the third time in a row.

Video games might give players an excuse to open a history book.
Countless games have used historical events as plot devices to drive their stories. Those events, people, and places can light a fire of curiosity in discovering more about them, according to researchers. Adults and children can become more engaged with learning, which can lead to a lifetime love for history.

You might become a social butterfly.
A common social stigma which plagues gamers portrays them as being cut off from society. This creates an image of gamers being in a dark basement, surrounded by empty energy drink cans/junk food wrappers, and a glow of the television for light with no friends save for the voice in the in-game tutorial. NOT TRUE! Online multi-player experiences paved the way for a new form of socializing, resulting in the opportunity for friends to meet in person. It’s more commonplace for friendships and romantic relationships to find their start in an online campaign against some invading aliens or brain hungry zombies.

Video games may reduce stress.

Seeing your character die for the thousandth time can be anything but relaxing. Believe it or not, an adverse effect is possible for some people. A team of plucky researchers measuredheart rates and discovered that certain game titles reduced adrenaline response by as much as 50 percent. So if you had a bad day, try Bejeweled, Call of Duty, or whatever works best foryour personality type.

Cravings be gone!

A recent study revealed a 24 percent drop in a gamer’s desire for their vice of choice after playing video games. In other words, players preoccupied with a controller will be less likely to indulge  themselves with overeating, drinking, or smoking.