Major Production Pitches 2019

Throughout the entire 2nd year, students enrolled in our Game Programming and our Game Art & Animation programs are divided into game development teams to create their first game. All student games below will have a demo presented at IFEST 2019, as it is a milestone shared among all teams. Before they get to showcase their game at Seattle Center in front of hundreds of gamers, they have to present their games to industry professionals.

This year’s judges were: Walter Williams (Undead Labs), Timothy-Staten Davis (343 Industries), Austin Maestre (CDK Global), John Comes (Tiny Build) and Mike Mikaaelian (Wizards of the Coast). After the student teams have completed their presentations, the teams will have a little over a month to apply their feedback, just in time for their demo launch at IFEST 2019.


Resin in a sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) action evasion game that focuses on critical mid-air evasion and opportunistic combat.

Team Applied Force is: Aiden Hilsen (Game Art & Animation), Xander Thomas (Game Programming), Brooke Collins (Game Art & Animation), Quinn Bentjen (Game Art & Animation), Paul Gibbons (Game Programming), Talon Grijalva (Game Art & Animation).

Project Florp

Project Florp is a chaotic couch co-op in which 2-4 players occupy a spaceship by haphazardly executing routine maintenance.

Café Interstellar is: Zach Oriel (Game Programming), Corwin Waldron (Game Art & Animation), Shea McAuley (Game Programming), Ernest Ziegenfelder (Game Art & Animation), Michael Kaplor (Game Art & Animation) and Cacie Desautel (Game Art & Animation).

Mojave Rescue

Mojave Rescue is a driving simulator set in the 1940s, with a goal to find and rescue a lost person in a desert land.

Powerplant is Brandon Gonzalez-Rivera (Game Art & Animation), Patrick Boyd (Game Art & Animation), Colton Greer (Game Art & Animation) and Jake Evans (Game Programming).

The Hike in the Night

The Hike in the Night is a horror adventure game where the player character is looking for her missing friend in a forest environment.

Rusty Pipe is: Jesse Thomas (Game Art & Animation), Jaren DuBois (Game Programming), Betty Paschke (Game Art & Animation), Alex Zent (Game Art & Animation), Harley Hinkle (Game Programming) and Wyatt Gallagher (Game Programming).

Café Memoria

Café Memoria is a visual novel and 2D platformer with a story that revolves around two characters in a cafe.

Chumpette Visual is Ava Beyers (Game Art & Animation), Nicole Espiritu (Game Art & Animation), Malika Lijassi (Game Art & Animation), and Randall Hines (Game Programming).

Wasted Wharf

Wasted Wharf is a 3rd-person adventure with a detective sent to investigate a town filled with mysterious Lovecraftian monsters.

Waterbound is: Nathanael Roberts (Game Art & Animation), August Stephens (Game Art & Animation), Luke Fiess (Game Art & Animation), Kimberly MacFarlance (Game Programming), Jacob Miller (Game Programming), Patrick Lerum (Game Art & Animation), and Shawn Penner (Game Art & Animation).

Stuffing and Stardust

Stuffing and Stardust is a 3rd-person RPG in which you play as the teddy bear, Lumen; the guardian of a young child’s room, warding off nightmarish creatures and the dark.

KnightBright Studio is: Kendall Deutsch (Game Art & Animation), Jupiter Gertley (Game Art & Animation), Renee Teachout (Game Art & Animation), Geoffrey Smith (Game Art & Animation), Cole Druffel (Game Programming) and Levi Rosenberg (Game Programming).

We all look forward to seeing these at