Ian Rich

Skills Center Instructor

AIE Teacher | Ian RichIan is an artist and programmer who loves all forms of audiovisual interactive art. After getting his BA in Studio Art, he moved on to work in graphic design, video production, and event production. Wanting to shift careers, he attended AIE Seattle for Game Programming studies.

Ian currently enjoys teaching programming and 3D art to high-schoolers in AIE's "Skills Center" program, and is the Tech Artist / Audio Director for an independent game project.

When he's not busy studying new software, Ian likes to watch a lot of movies and cook food. He's also trying to improve his jump roping skills, "the first step towards becoming a ninja" he will tell you.

Terry Nguyen

Programming Instructor

AIE Teacher | Terry NguyenTerry is one of many secret wizards of the modern age. His first act of magic occurred at the age of seven when he cast an incantation that led to the creation of a handful of colorful letters on a web browser. He has since continued to travel across the digital sea in hopes of parchments and treasures that would aid him in the creation of newer and more exciting tools of experiences.

By day, Terry serves as the Assistant Programming Instructor at the AIE. His duties include putting out figurative fires on student projects, sharing solutions to interesting problems, and actively professing his love for source control solutions (Git is life). A wealth of knowledge and experience with mobile development as well as general engine experience with Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4 work well to supplement his ability to advise and propose solutions to practical problems in the classroom. Students are keen to query his knowledge to hear some insights on engineering efforts or test his aptitude for first person shooters in a game of Reflex or Team Fortress 2.

Terry graduated from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment with an Advanced Diploma in Game Development Specializing in Game Programming. He has also performed some contract work with other development firms and continues to work on Vextar, a first person shooty disk game with some alumni from the AIE.

Vic Bonilla

3D Animation and VFX for Film Instructor

AIE Teacher | Vic BonillaVic's journey began with an old Commodore 64 where he played his first digital RPG: Questron by Strategic Simulations. From there digital media was in his blood from arcades to filmmaking with his dad's ancient camcorder and film photography. Not long after high school he took residence in Chicago and attended the prestigious 150 year old School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and earned a BFA in Fine Arts with Technology Focus. Thus began his 25 year career in the industry.

Vic has worked in every aspect of the industry from prototype to marketing to cinematic post production. He has over 25 game titles under his belt and owns an indie studio where he helps other studios across the country with game art needs. He continues to work in professional photography and is on the Board of Directors for Copious Love, a non-profit theater company.

He is the resident anti-villain and VFX Instructor at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment's Seattle Campus teaching the latest generation of game developers and filmmakers.

Misty Loreen

Art and Animation Instructor

AIE Teacher | Misty LoreenMisty Loreen is a character rigger and 2D/3D animator with over 5 years of professional experience in both PC, console and mobile game development.

Misty has a B.F.A. in Game Art Design and has worked on various mobile games and tools such as The Handy Art Reference Tool, as well as larger projects such as Age of Empires Online and Project Spark.

Complimenting her game development skills is Misty’s expertise in ceramics, sculpting, costume design, leather working and chainmail.