Is a Career in Game Design Right for Me?

Playing games is very different to making games.

How do you know if a career in game design is right for you?

What are some of the earliest signs that someone might be on the path if they want to take your love for games to the next level? The easiest ways to identify and allow your passion for video games to blossom is available to every gamer. It’s just a matter of willpower and if you are ready to create your own career path as a professional game developer.

Have fun by creating.

The earliest signs to if you are a game developer in the making, is if you have fun creating mods for the games you play – and you earn bonus points if other people really love the mods you create as well. Mods are also great content for a portfolio when applying to a video game career college.

The same can be said about those who really take the time to create fun and interesting Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, including their friends and family.

If you ever played Dungeon Master (or DM as it is called among the community) and you find enjoyment in creating elaborate levels to keep things fun for your group, that’s essentially what a game designer does on a day-to-day basis.

If you are constantly thinking up of several ways to improve the player experience, while providing them a gradual challenge – a fair challenge - then you have the natural passion to design great games.


Have fun by learning.

What if you haven’t had much experience or exposure to properly create a mod or run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and you’re still thinking about giving it a try? You might just need a different environment and structured learning environment to consider if a career in game design is right for you.

At the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), we believe experience is the best teacher, but we also believe under the right conditions. Our classrooms are run very similarly to how a video game studio operates, and we are all unified by our passion for creating fun experiences for all kinds of gamers.

While you may not be ready to apply for our Game Design & Production program, you can take an introduction course in Game Design to test the waters. After the course, you will have one piece that could be used to showcase during an interview at AIE that we will consider if you were to apply to the Game Design & Production program.

If you find enjoyment in playing challenging and rewarding experiences as you do creating them, why not take it to the next level?