Can I Work While Studying at AIE Seattle?

Working While Studying at AIE Seattle

At the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, we understand the importance of keeping a work/life balance for all students.

Setting aside days at work and days on campus is very much possible for students who are studying at AIE Seattle. Many AIE Seattle students work part or even full-time jobs at local businesses and restaurants on the days they don’t have classes scheduled. The employed student must communicate their schedule needs to their management.

Student 3D Pistol Models | AIE Seattle

Secure Scheduling Ordinance

A steampunk pistol sculpt created by Patrick Alderson (Game Art & Animation alumnus) A store manager at Zumiez while attending AIE.[/caption]

According to the Secure Scheduling Ordinance, employers must provide a written forecast 14 days in advance to their employees.

What does this mean? It means that even if students have jobs that require them to work irregular hours, it must be communicated and pre-planned before written in stone. By law in Seattle, the employee studying at AIE also has the right to request input into their work schedule.

Right to request input into work schedule. Before the work schedule is posted, employer must grant schedule requests related to a major life event (employee’s transportation, housing, other job(s), education, caregiving, and self-care for serious health condition) unless the employer identifies a bona fide business reason (significant cost or disruption).” – Secure Scheduling Ordinance (SMC 14.22)

Read more on the Secure Scheduling Ordinance here

Clock Hour Attendance Schedule

Those studying at AIE are expected to attend class 3 days out of the week.

Students who are enrolled into their 2nd year at AIE will be taking their classes from Monday – Wednesday.

Students who are enrolled into their first year at AIE will be taking their classes from Wednesday – Friday, scheduled from 9am to 6pm.

However, the schedule may change for a student if they are missing hours. In this case, the student must communicate this with their instructors on how to make up on those hours lost.

While studying at AIE, the college will provide many opportunities to make up these hours, including hours to finish a project for class, or even attending an AIE-organized event. While we may have events that take place outside of usual class hours, your attendance for these events is completely optional; aside from mandatory events, such as orientation or graduation.