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Top Reasons Why Playing Games Can Be Good For You

In case you didn’t know, nearly everyone at AIE plays video games for fun or research on any given day. With that said, most parents or people unfamiliar with the gaming industry will shun such activities since they are unaware of the possible benefits of gaming on a regular basis…playing a video game is a fun way to give your brain a workout!

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The Enragement Ring is a super physical spaceship combat game to challenge your friends. In it, players control one of four vessels in a sumo like arena where they use their ship as a battering ram to dominate the ring as last man standing. You can grind, warp, boost and slam your friends all over…

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Artcade 2016 Recap

Boasting a free Smash Bros. tournament, live music and art, in addition to industry-recognized developers, Artcade took place from 4pm and lasted until 8pm on Saturday, May 14th.

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