Artcade 2016 Recap

On May 14, 2016, video game enthusiasts, film buffs and art critics joined AIE Lafayette’s staff at the Lafayette Science Museum to celebrate our second annual Artcade.

Boasting a free Smash Bros. tournament, live music and art, in addition to industry-recognized developers, Artcade took place from 4pm and lasted until 8pm Saturday night. A total of fourteen independent developers showed off what they’d been working on to Lafayette’s community – and were very well received! Development companies such as Wisp Entertainment, Parallax Visions, and Raconteur Games were very eager to show off their titles.

Musicians Pagoda Mambo (Lafayette, LA) and Japanhandler (Cody Peltier from New Orleans, LA) graced the Science Museum with their music. It went off without a hitch, and provided great background noise for the Smash tournament upstairs! Local artists such as Burton Durand, Jason Bienvenue and Kody Chamberlain began the night by painting on canvases for Artcade attendees to watch (and buy, if they were inclined). Other artists Monica Zabiki and Casey Meehan sold their art.

After a 700+ attendance for Artcade’s first year and close to 600 for this year’s event, AIE and the Lafayette Science Museum are excited to discuss next year’s preparations and hope to see everyone back again with friends. For those who attended, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!artcade-nl_web_large2