Cacophony and Ink: VFX Final Film Score Arrangement

“There’s a witch that has this magical ink. She brings things to life out of the canvas, then she leaves, then the apprentice comes out. He tries to do it himself, but it’s just cacophony and ink.” – Alyssa Sperling (2nd Year VFX)

Video game and film composer, Douglas Yassen (Iron Heart Music Studios) visited AIE Seattle campus. Douglas had a hand in composing the soundtrack for Tricky Ninja, a major production video game project by 2014 AIE alumni.

Douglas visited 3D Animation & VFX for Film to help conceptualize the score arrangement for their major production project. The final film project will be a mix of 3D and live action, inspired by the Disney short, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The film’s title is to be determined.

For Douglas, it starts with a theme. Before any composer begins conceptualization or writing any music, there are some set requirements.
Understanding the mood is needed, as well as the length of the film. Choosing the length of the film in advance is difficult, especially during post-production stage editing. Therefore, finalizing a storyboard in pre-production is essential. When you have the storyboard to work with, then you can create the animatic. This will help determine the time length of the film better. After the duration of the film has been decided, the class will have to set hit points and key frames.

This film will be musically-emphasized, hitting these key points will help the composer know the progression of the theme. For this final film project, the class has gone with an orchestral theme, and borderline experimental.

Production for the final film starts in March 2019, and the VFX class of 2019 is just getting started.