Playing Politics at Hill Day

AIE Seattle had the great opportunity to be a part of “Hill Day” in Olympia at the Washington State capital recently.  This event was sponsored by “Careers That Work” who graciously invited us.  This is the Northwest Career Colleges Federation organization that provides a scholarship program offering tuition assistance for high school graduates pursuing post-secondary education at select private career colleges.

NWCCF wanted to invite career colleges to the event for the opportunity to meet with the supporting legislators from their particular district.

David Johnson represented AIE and was able to call on Senator Reuven Carlyle, and Representative’s Noel Frame, and Gayle Tarleton from the 36th Legislative District who support higher education.  They learned about AIE and where we are located, and expressed interest in a personal tour of our campus.

The intent of the event was to have various career colleges represent how they provide opportunities with specialized training for employment enhancement.  They were very impressed when learning of our college and the educational gaming opportunities we provide.

It was a very exciting experience learning the proper etiquette when soliciting a senator or representative in chamber for a brief meeting to thank them for their higher education support in the respective career college district.

AIE’s non-profit mission includes being a “catalyst” for the game and VFX industries, so we were pleased to be able to showcase the contributions that our college makes to employment in Washington State and beyond.