Global Game Jam Next 2018

Pacific Science Center and AIE bring summer game dev camp to Seattle Center

The Seattle Chapter of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment teamed up with their neighboring partners, the Pacific Science Center, to participate in Global Game Jam Next: a game jam for young creators.

It was perfect timing, as the Academy of Interactive Entertainment also participated in Pacific Science Center’s Games segment for Curiosity Days, an event that invites to inspire young minds just two weeks before Global Game Jam Next took place.

The instructors taught a range of subjects, covering the basics of 2D animation, programming, gameplay mechanics and the object to implement the theme of “Fractal” into each of their games. Academy of Interactive Entertainment closely modeled their curriculum for Global Game Jam Next with what instructors teach for AIE’s Intro Courses. Instructors also included team work exercises to encourage and simulate the energy of team effort from what most would expect from an advanced game jam.

Since the teams only had 3 and a half days to learn and create their own game, the workshops were accelerated, but opportunities for extensive assistance was available for any in need of assistance on a certain subject. In a matter of 3 and half days, the teams were able to create their wild ideas into an equally functioning and fun game, which was demonstrated at the Pacific Science Center – for their parents and museum visitors to play.

Global Game Jam Next provided a unique experience for young creators to experience a game jam at an early age, while also learning coding, animation, and game design skills. Displaying their games to the public in a space like Pacific Science Center for all to play during the showcase was a proud moment for the parents and the creators both.