Can I Get Into the Video Game Industry Without a Degree?

For someone seeking a career in the game industry, this is a common question. If you are standing at Point A, your current level of experience, and are looking towards Point B, your future job in the game industry, you are likely asking, "What's the best way to get there?"

You are going to need experience and training, which you can obtain in many ways, including a college degree program.

If you're wondering: "Must I absolutely have a degree to get a game industry job?" The short answer is, "No." Is a degree-granting program *one* option to gain training and experience? Yes, though it is not the only way.

Take a look at the requirements section at any game industry job posting. If they even mention a degree at all, they will also generally add something in the effect of: ".. or equivalent experience". The fact is, for the majority of positions in the entertainment industry, your portfolio is going to be your most important "credential", while a degree will be seen as "nice to have".

The nice thing about a degree or similar credential is that it can signify a certain level of motivation and ability to follow through on a commitment, something a studio will like to see. If the company is familiar with the school you attended, that will also give them information about your potential usefulness.

There are many ways to gain training and experience, from degree and certificate programs to self-study resources, to game jams and clubs where you can work on projects with other people as you build your skills. When comparing your options, you'll be weighing things such as cost, time commitment, and your ability to study on your own, among other factors.

Education is a wonderful investment to make in yourself, so get out there and explore those options!