Rise out of the ashes and find your way home in Gestalt, an action-adventure game by AIE students

Gestalt is a 3D, action-adventure platformer game where you play as a moth after his forest home was burned to ash. The main character, Gestalt, now must travel among the ruins to find pieces of his wings that were damaged. As he regrows, so does his home. New life forms around the old as our moth friend regains his abilities to run, jump and fly once again. 

Gestalt was developed by Team Forest on the campus of AIE Lafayette as the major project for a group of 2021 graduates in the second year of their Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Development and Associates of Occupational Studies here at AIE. The game was developed during the end of their academic program using the Unreal Engine. 

“I better understand the flow of the pipeline, as well as being able to try out level design. My favorite part of the project was seeing everything come together and look truly beautiful,” said Morgan McGrath, Artist. 

“I enjoyed working with a bunch of talented people to make something cool,” said Jax Mossman, Programmer. 

The members of the team include: 

  • Kyle Wiget – Technical Art, Character Modeling and Animation 
  • Shelton Thomas – UI Programming, Programming for stamina system 
  • Marygin Fergurson – Environmental Assets, Particle Systems 
  • Morgan McGrath - Lighting, Level Designs, Textures 
  • Jax Mossman – Programming for movement and environment systems 

If you have a passion for games, then check out the Game Art and Game Programming degree programs offered here at AIE so you can bring your game ideas to life! 

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